Matias Letelier is an awarded Chilean-American illusionist and mentalist. With over 20 years of experience, Matias brings a unique blend of top-notch magic, tech-magic, mentalism, and pickpocketing as never seen before.

Even though he lives in New York, where he founded Fun Corporate Magic, Matias constantly travels around the world to perform at colleges, corporate & private events, and he is one of the residents at Speakeasy Magick at the famous McKittrick Hotel in NY.

Since Matias grew in Chile, a land of good wines, where he studied Business and got his MBA in marketing. Later he combined his passion for magic, marketing skills and a good taste for wines, to bring you a unique magical experience around the wines.

In the show you will see bottles of wines magically appear, disappear, and multiply. In addition, Matias will use his mentalist skills to find out a wine someone is thinking about, while making some amazing predictions. All while enjoying some good drinks and the best magical entertainment.

Matias has being recognized as one of NY’s Top Comedy Illusionist, Mentalist and Pickpocket. We know you are going to love his charming accent along with his amazing tricks and this exclusive wine show!

Matias Letelier

The Curator